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GO Architects is offering a full-time position with the following responsibilities & opportunities:


The Job Captain / Junior Architect shall be responsible for managing and completing project tasks in all phases of project development. Assist the Project Architect in architectural problem solving. Assist the Project Manager in preparing budgets and schedules, and in monitoring adherence to each project’s work plan. Professionally interact with the wide range of collaborators we work with daily. Demonstrate an easy ability to work with a team on larger projects.

Communication & Collaboration

  • Listen

  • Asks questions about assignments when unclear

  • Ability to apprise supervisor for status of work

  • Coordinate projects with team members and consultants

  • Ability to correspond effectively with consultants for CAD files and minor directives

  • Display willingness to make decisions; exhibit sound and accurate judgement, support and explain reasoning; including appropriate people in decision-making process; make timely decisions

  • Ability to effectively and professionally communicate, both verbally and in writing

  • Always be professional and respectful in interactions with clients, agencies, and consultants


  • Support design team and ensure that project design intent is followed through in all phases.

  • Proficient in the graphic documentation and representation of project designs through three-dimensional modeling and two-dimensional representational drawing.

  • Interact with lead designer to solve project issues and integrate design intent.


  • Demonstrate CAD competency in advanced commands, drawings set up for any type of project, management and use of all CAD files, and resolution of any related CAD issues.

  • Possess knowledge of drawing setup, layers, plotting/publishing, dimensions, blocks, attributes, purge/audit/recover, and back up files and viewports.

  • Understand technical terminology of the architectural and construction industry.

  • Prepare complex plans, elevations, and details under guidance of a supervisor.

  • Understand requirements/deliverables of all phases.

  • Organize and generate sets of working drawings, and fulfill contract requirements/deliverables of SD, DD, and CD phases.

  • Coordinate with government agencies and utility companies, and obtain plan check approvals.

  • Help select appropriate materials, systems and develop all construction details and systems.

  • Assist in preparation of outline specs, and editing and coordination of master specs.

  • Demonstrate thorough knowledge of the applicable building codes for independent code analysis and compliance.

  • Write meeting minutes, instruction bulletins, change orders, RFI responses, and professional correspondence for self-managed projects.

  • Coordinate and participate in cost estimating.

  • Opportunity to assist with review of submittals and shop drawings, respond to RFI's, and prepare instruction bulletins to document and communicate changes during construction.

  • Have working knowledge of industry and office procedures, standards, and protocols.

Business Development

  • Attend professional activities outside of office

  • Assist in preparation for interviews and proposals

  • Opportunity to participate in marketing interviews



  • Demonstrate motivation in seeking new responsibilities and challenges

  • Set goals, prioritize, and plan work activities for self-management and use time efficiently

  • Estimate hours for assigned tasks and finish tasks within agreed-upon budget hours for the task

  • Assist in preparation of work plans, schedules and budgets for small projects

  • Ability to delegate assignments to support staff and always be respectful

Candidate Profile

A successful candidate shall have the following characteristics. Be a thinker who is inquisitive, knows the value of learning, and takes pride in their work and in a keen eye for detail. Be a doer who demonstrates intelligence, initiative, and a passion for quality in your work and in the success of the firm. Be willing to take on new tasks and help out in the studio. Be a reliable and committed member of our team.  Ideally, you shall have at least 5 years of experience in the architectural field, with steady progression in responsibilities in all phases of architectural practice, and possess an architectural degree from an accredited university or an equivalent demonstrated proficiency.

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