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GO Architects is offering a full-time position with the following responsibilities & opportunities:


  • Marketing (Business Development Support and Communications/Media Specialist); research RFQ/RFP leads, write copy, produce graphic content, post frequent social media updates, write and prepare proposals/statement of qualifications (technical), prepare project postings to on-line media and the GOAI blog (technical), prompt partners for contribution to blog & updates, research opportunities for partners to speak/write/publish.

    • Goal: Increase GOAI media exposure, visibility in the industry and to our clients, and search out opportunity. Hone skills in marketing and communication. Create clear and compelling written content.

  • Graphic Designer (Marketing and Project Support); graphic design and production for marketing materials and project presentations. Graphic design shall be developed in a supporting role to the project design teams and partners.

    • Goal: Improve GOAI graphic content for marketing materials. Hone skills in design. Create beautiful and memorable visual content.

  • Office Assistant; web-site regular updates, project research, help produce project presentations.

    • Goal: Improve GOAI efficiency and productivity. Be part of a passionate team, contribute to personal success and success of the firm.

Candidate Profile

A successful candidate shall have the following characteristics. Be a thinker who is well written, possess an excellent eye (in use of graphics, composition, color), and takes pride in a keen eye for details.  Be a doer who demonstrates intelligence, initiative, and a passion for quality in your work and in the success of the firm.  Be willing to take on new tasks and help out in the studio. Be a reliable and committed member of our team. Ideally, you shall have 1-3 years of experience in a similar role, and possess a college degree in communications, marketing, or graphic design.

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