Exciting Times at GOAI

With a New Year Comes New Opportunity!

We are pleased to announce our opening of the new Educational Support Services Division headed by the highly regarding Josie H Ripoly, former Director of Purchasing at Moreno Valley USD, Chino Valley USD, as well as others.

Josie comes with over 29 years of strong, diverse experience in the public education business environment. Josie has well-rounded experience in procurement, bidding, contracts negotiation, standardized equipment for school sites, warehousing and printing operations, as well as large scale project negotiation, and mentoring of personnel. Josie offers a detailed and experienced approach to providing support/training to District departments in need of implementing processes to ensure compliance with Board Policies, California State Laws, and Federal Regulations.

As your Trusted Advisors, we are proud to continue providing Fabled Services to you by offering many more complimentary services, such as:

  • Support to M&O, Facilities, Purchasing, Nutritional & Technology Service Departments

  • Standardized Front-End/Bidding Documents

  • Bidding Documents for Construction, Informal Bids & Quotes

  • CUPCCA Implementation, Process & Training

  • Registration & Pre-Qualification of Contractors, Consultants & Suppliers

  • Technology Bids According to Competitive Negotiations

  • E-Rate & Nutritional Services Proposals, Quotes & Bids

  • CMAS, Piggy-Back Contracts or Other Contract Resources

  • Standard Professional Consultant Contracts

Contact Josie today to discover new ways we may assist you in your future endeavors!

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