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2013/2014 Facilities Master Plan, Moreno Valley Unified School District

Through a collaborative effort of the community, teachers, school administrators, staff and district officials, and through a thorough evaluation of the existing sites and facilities, GOAI Principals developed a living document to identify needed improvements for Moreno Valley Unified School District. This living document, also known as the 2013 / 2014 Facilities Master Plan (FMP), is a diligently and carefully crafted plan on how to continue fostering education in these existing facilities, while preparing to serve future decades. This FMP identifies many of the District’s goals including: the reduction of portable classrooms, need for additional core facilities, determination of the broad scope and budget for projects/recommendations, promotion of High Performance Design, and the identification of federal, state and local funding. 

Client / Owner

Project Facts

Moreno Valley Unified School District

Project Location

Moreno Valley, CA

Director             Liliana Bustos

Firm PIC            Godwin Osifeso, RA, LEED AP

Start                   Mar 13, 2013

Completion       Nov 12, 2013

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Master Planning
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