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Oke Ako Recreational Resort Center

The value of real estate in Lagos, Nigeria continues to rise to levels justifying the expense of land reclamation from the ocean, as in the Eko Atlantic Project. The pressure to build recreational facilities such as polo grounds, golf courses, tennis courts, etc., on open land mounts. The relocation of such recreational facilities to more affordable adjacent communities is inevitable.


Oke Ako Recreational Resort Center meets such needs and adds new emerging recreational activities such as Car and Bike Racing, and does so in an environmentally sustainable complex, complete with residential and commercial facilities.


Oke Ako is located on a major highway axis connecting coastal commercial center Lagos with the rest of inland Nigeria. The project adds a transportation hub, a rest stop, and Nigeria’s first retail outlet mall.


The development team for this ambitious but much needed project is forming.

Client / Owner

Project Facts

Oke Ako

Project Location

Ogun State, Nigeria

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Master Planning
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