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Modernization + Admin Addition + New Library

Orrenmaa Elementary School is rich-in-culture and uniquely located at the junction of the CA-91 and I-15 in Riverside, CA. Due to its rapid growth, Orrenmaa Elementary School required significant modernization. Thanks to the community's support and the facility modernizations provided by GO Architects, Orrenmaa Elementary can maintain its reputation as an outstanding learning environment. GOAI also worked to support the school by creating Orrenmaa's new library and multi-media lab building, and an important shade element addition to the administration building that provided much-needed cover for students and clearly marked the school entry. With the aid of these fabled services, everyone is welcomed onto a secure campus that enhances learning and fosters collaboration between students, teachers, parents, and staff.

Client / Owner

Project Facts

Allen Orrenmaa Elementary School

Project Location

Alvord Unified School District

Architect           Dennis Roney, AIA

Firm PIC            Godwin Osifeso, RA, LEED AP

DSA No.            04-114733

Est. Value          $ 1,436,400

Bid Value           $ 1,606,562

Final Value        $ 2,805,259

Start                   Nov 03, 2015

Completion       Aug 10, 2017

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Elementary School
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