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Admin Addition + New Multi-Purpose Building

With a long, local history celebrating the hard-work and determination of the famous ranchera, Doña Merced Elementary School is one of Central School District’s top-rated elementary schools. Opening its doors in 1979, Doña Merced needed campus improvements to meet the growing population and educational requirements. Due to the increased number of students, GOAI Principals designed a new covered entryway, a new lunch shelter, and various covered walkways to protect students and staff from the elements. As a top school with modern educational requirements, GOAI Principals designed a new Multi-Purpose Building to facilitate programs such as Club Fit  and Family Nights. With safety, security and efficiency in mind, they also designed the Administration Building Addition fit with modern technology and building systems. 

Client / Owner

Project Facts

Doña Merced Elementary School

Project Location

Central School District

Firm PIC            Godwin Osifeso, RA, LEED AP

DSA No.            04-104887

Est. Value          $ 1,500,000

Bid Value           $ 3,246,316

Final Value        $ 3,329,066

Start                   Dec 24, 2002

Completion       May 30, 2003

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Elementary School
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