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Ogunpa River Boardwalk

Ibadan, one of the oldest and largest cities in Africa, is undergoing a major redevelopment effort. Part of that effort includes infill projects within its existing neighborhoods. Dugbe is the central market in Ibadan and enjoys the convenience of being adjacent to the Central Business District. 


DSO Family owns an existing but crumbling retail complex along Dugbe’s two main defining axis and the Ogunpa River. Ogunpa River Boardwalk Development is a more ambitious version of the DSO Mixed-use Facility. This expanded design adds a 5-star hotel, event center, amusement park and a live/work office component. The design for our project incorporates this dense and varied mixed-use program into the existing retail complex, organized along the banks of the Ogunpa. 

Although interest in the rental of the facility was very high, the development has changed course and taken a less robust direction.

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Ogunpa River Boardwalk

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Ibadan, Nigeria

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