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International Student Dormitories

As with all the Federal Universities in Nigeria, the available on-campus student housing is at 5% of Enrolled Student Population.  This ratio is expected to worsen.


The universities cannot keep pace, and as such have embarked on vigorous Public Private Partnership (PPP or P3) building programs to meet these escalating needs. The basis for the P3 is for the University, as a Public Entity, to engage a team of Designer/Developer/Financier to build and operate the dormitories. The University provides the land and infrastructure while the Developer builds and operates the project for 20 years (20-year BOT). All rental revenue and operational expenses are assigned to the developer for 20 years, after which the building ownership and operation reverts to the University.


With a rich culture and aesthetic as the oldest Nigerian university, it is one of the University of Ibadan’s goals to develop private, modern hostels and dormitories to house students, faculty, and dignitaries alike. With the motto Recte Sapere Fons (Right Thinking is the Fount of Knowledge), the dormitories feature an open, central quad with auditorium seating, as well as study gardens, courts, shops, and light atria providing synergy among residents seeking knowledge.


This specific project is tailored to students from around the world. It provides a dormitory that is of equal to those elsewhere in the world.  It is of special value to Post-Graduate Students.


The project team is continuing their efforts to attract financiers.

Client / Owner

Project Facts

University of Ibadan

Project Location

Ibadan, Nigeria

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New Campus/Facility
Higher Education
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