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Child Development Center

Born from a merger between the Youth Service Center and the Children’s Center of the Inland Counties, the Carolyn Wylie Center - Child Development Center was developed to serve families with unique needs throughout Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. GOAI Principals, in support of these families, designed and developed the new Child Development Center featuring two modular pre-school classrooms and a shared activity space. Incorporating eco-friendly materials, ample natural lighting, and drought-tolerant landscape that sparks innovation, the children of the Carolyn Wylie Center can successfully begin their early childhood development. 

Client / Owner

Project Facts

Carolyn E Wylie Center

Project Location

Nuview Union School District

Architect           Dennis Roney, AIA

DSA No.            04-108141

Est. Value          $ 725,000

Bid Value           $ 707,973

Final Value        $ 707,373

Start                   Jun 22, 2006

Completion       Feb 21, 2012

Related Project Categories

New Campus/Facility
Early Childhood
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