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Perris Operations Center

Moreno Valley Unified School District’s (MVUSD) Perris Operations Center (POC) was in need of major revitalization and the removal of the vacated Bayside Community Day School which shared a significant portion of its campus. GOAI provided the feasibility study for the campus and unlike its competition was the only team to provide a working solution that could meet MVUSD’s budget and schedule. GOAI re-purposed the vacated Bayside, and transformed the purchasing, mailing, nutritional services, and transportation department spaces within the POC. This transformation now provides MVUSD’s POC staff and faculty a modern, safe, and comfortable place to work, and offers an inviting place of collaboration between parents, teachers, and students.

Client / Owner

Project Facts

Moreno Valley Unified School District

Project Location

Moreno Valley Unified School District

Architect           Larry Buoncristiani, RA

Firm PIC            Godwin Osifeso, RA, LEED AP

DSA No.            04-114296 (Nutrition)

DSA No.            04-114297 (Purch/Mail)

Est. Value          $ 1,000,000

Bid Value           $ 1,392,592

Final Value        $ 1,419,134

Start                   Apr 30, 2015

Completion       May 06, 2016

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