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Science Complex

With a long and vibrant history within the Riverside and Loma Linda communities, La Sierra University, particularly that of the College of Arts and Sciences, never had a consolidated space to provide the quality instruction it is renowned for. GO Architects Principals were pleased to provide the specialized design and development of the Thaine B. Price Science Complex, the first complex to centralize the science programs within the University. Located between Palmer and Cossentine Halls, the complex unites the campus, and provides easy access between each building. The center is home to the Biology, Mathematics, and Computing Departments and features state-of-the-art cadaver labs, computer labs, and flexible teaching spaces. Now La Sierra University can continue its local legacy, heighten its education and enrich its history with the new supportive facilities.

Client / Owner

Project Facts

La Sierra University

Project Location

La Sierra University

  • Architect: Larry Buoncristiani, RA

  • Principal in Charge: Godwin Osifeso, AIA, LEED AP

  • Close-Out: Feb. 04, 2006

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New Campus/Facility
Higher Education
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